3Shape TRIOS® Color POD from Argen Canada


Argen Canada offers `Ground Breaking’ digital workflow integration with the 3Shape TRIOS®

What sets Argen Canada  apart from other technology companies? You have to understand a conventional practice workflow before you can implement a digital one


  • Argen Canada is a team of (IOS) registered dental experts, technology trainers, engineers, programmers and customer service representatives that specialize in intraoral scanning devices.
  • As digital dental scanning experts we support and repair the technology we sell, which sets us apart from other companies.
  • We foster and support digital relationships between dental labs and dentists as a leading 3Shape technology distributor in Canada.
  • Argen Canada deploys seasoned intraoral CDA’s and practice managers to train your staff `peer to peer’ in digital workflow to ensure success!
  • Argen Canada offers new proprietary scan path techniques for blazing fast precision scans.
  • Argen Canada is the only 3Shape reseller to offer the TRIOS Cart, TRIOS Ortho Cart and the new exciting TRIOS Color POD in Canada!
Please contact our offices for an in practice demonstration of the TRIOS Color Pod by a trained 3Shape CDA and IOS expert.

3Shape Trios Kastle Mills Display

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TRIOS® Color Pod - Ground Breaking scan technology is now deployed by our team of CDA’s to ensure your success in-clinic.

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TRIOS® Color Scanner and TRIOS Color POD Benefits and Features



Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries

Combining hundreds or thousands of 3D pictures to create the final 3D digital impression based on real data rather than interpolated artificial surfaces.


Spray-free for optimal accuracy and comfort

Unlike most other scanners, 3Shape TRIOS® is a no-spray solution, because spraying is technique demanding, can ruin scan accuracy, is uncomfortable for patients and prolongs chair-time.


Designed for high-speed impression capture

3Shape’s Ultrafast Optical Sectio-ning™ technology captures more than 3000 2D images per second – 100 times faster than conventional video cameras.

Ergonomic grip for perfect control

Designed for maximum support and stability as you scan. Tested and
chosen by dentists.

Autoclaveable scanner tip

Achieve optimal hygiene and meet clinical requirements with tips that can be sterilized in the autoclave. Easy to flip the tip for scanning of upper and lower jaw.

Scanning has never been easier

No need to hold the scanner at a specific distance or angle for focus. Dentists or assistants can even rest the scanner on the teeth for support as they scan.

TRIOS® Color Cart and TRIOS Color POD Benefits and Features

Live 3D visualization

View the digital impression being
built during scanning.

Easy-to-use touch screen

Smart-Touch intuitive user-func­tionality without cumbersome keyboard or mouse operation.

Sleek design

Optimize the patient’s experience and enhance
the image of your clinic.

Unique motion sensor interface

Like a gaming-controller, use the ­hand-held to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression.

Mobility and Wi-Fi

Cart designed for easy movement between treatment rooms including wireless connectivity.


Smooth and flat surfaces for fast and effective cleaning.


General benefits of the TRIOS® Color Digital Impression Scanner


  • Less adjustment and grinding during seating
  • Improved accuracy and clinical results
  • Faster than traditional impression taking
  • Reduced need for retakes
  • No impression materials and mess
  • Cost savings related to materials and shipping


  • Quick and comfortable experience
  • Better restoration fits and minimal grinding
  • Improved clinical results
  • Reduced number of appointments due to fewer retakes
  • Reduced over-all chair-time

Direct Benefits of Digital Impression Taking

3Shape TRIOS®

  • Fully Open and Fully Integrated IOS Technology
  • Spray Free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort
  • Ultra Fast Optical Light Sectioning™ technology for high speed scanning
  • Scanning with up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries
  • Easy to use with complete motion and positioning freedom
  • Smart-Touch screen with live 3D visualization
  • Less stressful impression-taking
  • Wide range of dental indications
  • Instant impression validation
  • Instant online communication with the dental lab
  • Accept digitally designed cases back from the dental lab for better case acceptance
  • Reduced overall turn-around time
  • Validated Precision Digital Dental Models
  • Auto Lock Surface Tool for Restorative Cases
  • Clean Monitor Smart Tool
  • Snapshot Smart Tool
  • Full Range Scan Depth/Focal Point Smart Tool
  • Integrated training media player for TRIOS software updates


It all starts with a good impression

Digital impression solutions solve many problems by providing accurate impressions from the start. Intraoral 3D scanning made fast, easy and accurate. Call us for 3Shape TRIOS price quote for your dental practice.

New for 2014

Scan in Color

New features for 3Shape TRIOS®

  • Shade Measurement
  • HD Photos
  • Support for Implant Bridges
  • Enhanced Colours
  • Enhanced Detail Capture
  • Support for Removable Partials
  • TRIOS® Cart in Slim Design
  • Chair Integration Solution
  • Cart with Multi-Touch Screen

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